Welcome To You New Or Expecting Daddy’s! (And All You Mommy’s Too!)

I want to start and thank you all who are coming to my blog!  Thank you!

The purpose of this new adventure of mine is to open the conversation about something I hold dear to my heart: Being a DADDY!


Becoming a dad has been the greatest achievement of my life so far and I couldn’t be more thankful to the people that have supported my family leading up to this point.  I think some acknowledgements are in order, so please bear with me while I take a moment to show some love back:


To my dear wife, Deanna: Without you I am incomplete and I cannot thank you enough for being part of this adventure I call LIFE.  You are my rock and the wind behind my sails; helping me get to where I need to go, day in and day out.


To my brother, Cherokee: Without your guidance and advice at many turning points in my life, where would I be?!  If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have Deanna and Without her Avery.  So THANK YOU!


To my father Larry and my mother Terri: You gave me the greatest gift of all: LIFE.  And for that I thank you more than words can express.

Since this is the first post in many to come, I want to take this moment to explain what this blog will be about and what it will bring in the future:


 When My wife and I decided on starting a family, we knew that being emotionally and financially stable were going to be the key factors in us being successful as parents and as a couple.  And as soon as we found out we were pregnant, I dove right into the books (I do love to read after all!)  I promised Deanna that I would read and/or listen to a book/audio-book, one for each month of her pregnancy so that, at least on paper, I would be prepared to be the best dad I could be.  Although, NOTHING can prepare you for father hood, Having at least a slight idea of what I could expect in the next months/years as a dad by reading up on the experiences that millions of parents before me had would make me feel more comfortable heading into this adventure.


During my reading I learned a LOT.  And it definitely prepared me for the months to come.  But there was one thing that I took away from it that stood out above all else:  JUST BE THERE!


I browsed many websites and sub-reddits (And to this day still do) and I have noticed one thing: It seems that fathers are just not invested in being a parent as they should be.  From New mothers complaining that on top of breast feeding, diaper changes, vomit duty etc.  they are having to do house hold chores, walk/bathe the dogs and many more tasks, that over time, lead to a lot of angry mothers reaching out for help online for what to do and how to approach their husbands.  C”MON DAD’S, where you all at!


Now, in no way can I say that this applies to all dad’s.  I know that there are some rock star dad’s out there that do it all and then some and you deserve all the credit for being there, you do!  But the overall consensus (And this is from the research that I have done) clearly shows that there could be some major improvements to the amount of physical and emotional support that dad’s are providing to their wives.


And that is the purpose of me starting this blog: In short, I want to be able to give dads advice from my own personal experience on how they can be more supportive.  I also want to try and change the perception of dad’s out there as being no good, dead beat dads that don’t give a damn about being a father into becoming the shining star type fathers that mothers and babies out there can rely on to GET THINGS DONE.


From One daddy to another: Daddy To Daddy.


So thank you again for taking the time to read this first post.


I would love to hear from all of you as to what issues you may be having at home in regard to this topic (It can be any topic, really) and I will do my best to provide some insight on how to fix/correct the issues you may be dealing with (From my perspective of course!)


Please email me any questions/comments/blog recommendations you may have to: DaddyTwoDaddy@gmail.com 


I cant wait to hear from you!

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