Date Nights!

Many couples date nights start to taper off after a few years as you get deep into a relationship.  You become more comfortable with each other and it doesn’t become as necessary as it was when you two first started your relationship.

I have talked to so many couples about this topic and the majority of couples would much rather have a “Netflix and chill” type of night, but among all the stresses of having a new baby in the house, or the time leading up to having the baby and the attention required to make sure the baby is doing ok, it is very important that the two of you take some time for yourselves.

This is where the date night comes into play: Take some time each month, or even each week if it’s in your budget to go out on a nice date.  Going to dinner and a movie, a nice Broadway show or simply having an in-law or a family member take your baby for a couple of hours (or the whole night if their nice!)  so you can have a dinner and movie night at home can bring back that spark you both felt toward the beginning of your relationship which is very important to your sanity as a couple.

As a father and husband/boyfriend this is a perfect opportunity to surprise your S.O. with a night out on the town.  Most surprises at this point revolve around getting peed or vomited on (If this is all you have to deal with, I am SO jealous!) so being surprised with something like a nice night out where you can have some drinks (if that’s your thing) would be a very nice break from the norm and could ignite a spark that may currently be missing from your relationship.

Depending on the type of partner you have, it may fall entirely on your shoulders to make these types of things happen, cause remember, she is more than likely EXHAUSTED the majority of the time and the last thing she will want to do is plan a night out.  But I can guarantee that, when presented with the opportunity to go out with you, it will be an opportunity that she will jump at and it will do nothing but bring you two closer as a couple!

Most important, as the saying goes “Distance make the heart grow fonder.” And depending on how hard of a time you’re having at home with the baby, the time away from your little one will help you forget (even if for only a brief moment) about the issues you may be facing at home.  When you return home and see your little one smile that special smile that only babies have, the issues you may have been dealing with will melt away and be replaced by love and that nurturing instinct that only a loving couple can have for their baby.

So go out, have fun and immerse yourselves 100% into the moment and into each other and forget about the world for one night.

And have a drink for me!

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