Staying Fit To Stay Fit (As A Parent)

Being able to keep up my energy with an infant is a near impossible task, so I can only imagine how fast paced life will be when Avery Grows into his toddler years and beyond.

Wanting to be able to keep up with him when he gets older (As well as I) makes it a priority of mine that I continue to keep up the fitness regiment I’ve kept for the last twenty years.  Having a wife that understands and  allows me to take time to get to the gym makes things a lot easier for me to continue this journey I started when I was 14 years old.

But for those parents out there that are just starting out on a fitness journey or are trying to get back into one.  Things may be a little more difficult.

But I do have to say: It’s not impossible!  You just have to start!

Making a habit of anything takes time and commitment, and here is where consistency shines through as the determining factor in you achieving your goals.

First things first: What are your goals?  Do you want to get bigger? Leaner? Or simply just be able to run around with your child for hours on end without breaking a sweat?

Having a goal in mind makes the journey so much easier.  And there is no bigger motivator than wanting to keep up with your kids!

Don’t be that parent that is pounds over weight and finding out it has become hard to keep up with your 10-year-old son as he runs laps around you. It’s important to instill the motivation to stay active into your kids early and there is no better way to do that than to be the example you are trying to set in them. The benefits outweigh the negatives by a landslide and Ii is never too early to start!

Everyone knows that with living a healthy lifestyle comes the need to eat well to compliment the work you’re putting in.  And any responsible parent will want to instill healthy eating habits into their children.

Set goals for yourself, limit yourself to a daily caloric amount, whatever it may be, just do SOMETHING!

Because the journey doesn’t stop with you…It starts anew with your children. Let the hard work you put in every day be the guiding light that illuminates their path through life.

Photo by Martin Barák on Unsplash

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