Shots SUCK!!!! (For me more than my baby anyway….)

Yes, I vaccinated my son *GASP!*

Jokes aside, I want to explain to you fathers that watching my son get his shots really sucked!  I’ll admit it here that I cried way more than he did!

I honestly didn’t walk into it thinking “ok Angelo, you have to be strong! DON’T CRY!”  But when Avery got his first (of three shots) I just lost it.  I felt terrible for him.

But it was a very necessary thing for my wife and I to do.  For me, the benefits of my son getting vaccinations FAR outweigh him not.  I’ve read many studies on the topic and my wife and I had many conversations before hand on what we think we should do.

I tried to be strong for him as I knew (Read: thought) he was going to have a very tough time about it (which he didn’t!)

My goal going into the doctors office was to be like the inspirational father in the following link:

But what happened was the complete opposite.

Oh, I gave Avery a pep talk and tried to pump him up.  But I should have had someone there to give ME inspirational advice on how not to end up a blubbering mess, cause boy was I ever!

My wife looked at me with a look that said: “You, give me the baby and go get control of yourself.”

But, I feel that it was a very important moment for both Avery and I.  For him and his safety, and for me to see that in all actuality, the shots aren’t all that bad in the end (he cried for MAYBE two minutes.)

All in all it wasn’t even close to as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Moving forward, I will go into the doctors office with my head held high and worries tucked away.  For now I know that my 6 month old is stronger than I am and that I should take a lesson from him: Pain is only weakness leaving the body as well as temporary.

So to the fathers with vaccine shots in their baby’s future, learn from my example: Be strong and know that everything will be alright.

You got this!


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