Babies Are Like Clockwork…(What?!)

Babies are easy.  No problem.  Brainless (The work, NOT the baby!)

For about 95% of the time.

That other 5% of the time you will more than likely start questioning why in the world you and your wife decide to so this.

So what can you expect?

Unless you have bore the spawn of Satan or have a special needs baby, It has been my experience that your day-to-day routines will fall into a very nice and predictable groove that you and your wife will have little problem managing.  That day should look a little like this:

  1. Baby wakes up between 4am-6am.  Change diapers and feed baby (I always like to change Avery’s Diaper before feeding him.  If I change his diaper after, we risk him spitting up.)
  2. Take turns watching over the baby while we take turns showering (team work is key!)
  3. We both spend time together playing with Avery and providing him with as much stimulation to help his development.
  4. Avery is 6 months old and eating full containers of baby food second stage (The food labeled “Sitters”.)
  5. We give it about an hour for the solid food to settle, then we top him off with about 4-6 oz of formula (We have used the Enfamil “Gentlease” formula as it has made him virtually gas-less since bringing him home (I think our pediatrician recommended it to us and we have used a different type since day one.  And all of us LOVE IT!
  6. At about 4pm we will put him down for a nap.  This is where the cleaning gets done.  Hopefully by this time you have had an easy transition to the crib, which if your smart, you will put far away from noisy rooms (Living room, kitchen.)  Typically your baby should get a total of 3 hours of napping a day spread out between 3 naps.  But if your baby is like mine, he will take one 3 hour nap each day (Lucky!)  This will allow you to get at least the necessities done around the house (Laundry, dishes, taking the dogs out, SEX?!?!?! Yes please!)
  7. Once Avery wakes up, we will take him on a walk after a small feeding (4 oz).   I like to take him to the park and lay a big blanket down so he can crawl all over the place.  He loves the grass, so I will place him far away from the grass so that he has to crawl over to it (I am all for life lessons, so making him have to work a bit to get to the grass will do nothing but help him gain his strength quickly.)
  8. Once we get home, it will be time to get him ready for bed (about 7-8pm).  We will feed him another container of baby food and then take him upstairs with a final bottle to help him get comfy so that he can fall asleep.  Avery has started to do this really cute thing where he will cover his eyes with his hands while eating from a bottle and this seems to calm him down.  So if he doesn’t put his hands over his eyes, I will bring his hands up toward his face and boom! He’s out.

And then you QUIETLY crawl out of the room on all fours (to not wake the baby), go downstairs with your wife, pour a glass of wine and enjoy the peace and quiet.  For it all starts again tomorrow.

Now As I said before, this is 95% of the time and the examples I gave do not include days where my wife and I have to work, but that doesn’t change things much.  We just have a bit more to do individually, one of us will get a little less sleep than the other.  But it is all worth it.

Working together as a TEAM  to raise your baby is the most important thing you can do.  Not only for yourself, but also for EACHOTHER.  Talking about responsibilities and setting up routines should be a conversation you two have even before baby comes home.  But if you don’t tend to look that far into the future, there is no time like the present.

What are some practices you do in your daily routine that you can share?

Comment below and have a great day!


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