I Love Being A Kid With Him.

Since Before I can remember, I have always wanted to be a dad.

Chasing my kid around the house, Playing hide and seek hitting all the parental milestones I could think of.

And today, I can mark one off my personal list: Throwing Avery into the air in a pool!

Since I first took Avery into the water at 6 months, he has always had such a blast in the water; Splashing around and kicking his little feet. It really is a load of fun.

I can’t wait till get him on a skateboard or surfing young. Anything he gets into I’ll be able to learn or have fun right along side him and I can’t wait.

Its all about the perspective, yes things get rough at home, and yes you will be tested to the limit. But if you look at the larger picture and imagine all the fun you’ll be having along side your child, there’s no way you can’t look towards the future with a smile on your face.

Cant wait to conquer all the other milestones I have set up for us!

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